Here you can find an overview of the lab members currently involved with the project.


Chris received his PhD from the University of Lincoln, focusing on the recognition of facial expressions. He then moved to Aberdeen to work on the Dual Interactive Eye tracking with Virtual Anthropomorphic Avatars (DiVa) project before becoming part of the Social Cognition and Ageing team. Chris is an expert in eye tracking methods and analysis having used them throughout his career. He is responsible for the design, programming, implementation and analysis of experiments throughout the project.


Gillian completed her PhD at the University of Aberdeen, using the same gaze following methods as in the current project. During her PhD she frequently published in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of gaze following and became a prominent name in the field. Gillian then spent some time working outside of academia before returning specifically to be part of the Social Cognition and Ageing team. Gillian is an expert on gaze following and social cognition, advising on experimental design, theory and analysis.


Ben is the co-ordinator for the Research Excellence Framework in the school of Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. He is also the head of the Active Vision lab and co-lead for the Social Cognition and Ageing project. Ben has published prolifically in peer-reviewed journals on the topics of eye tracking, vision and gaze cueing and is considered to be at the top of his field. Ben's input guides the technical, methodological and theoretical aspects of the project and ensures that each experiment produces the best data possible.


Louise is a current Chair in Psychology and Director of Research at the University of Aberdeen, school of Psychology. In addition she is the head of the Cognition research group and co-lead on the Social Cognition and Ageing project. Louise has over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles on the effects of adult ageing and neurodegenerative diseases on social, emotional and cognitive skills. As such she is uniquely qualified to lead the project and is invaluable as a member of the team.

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