Here is a list of publications related to the topic of social attention and ageing. If you would like to find out more about this research please take some time to look through these articles. You can also send us any questions you might have through the contact form.

Relevant Publications

Bailey, P. E., Slessor, G., Rendell, P. G., Bennetts, R. J., Campbell, A., & Ruffman, T. (2014). Age differences in conscious versus subconscious social perception: The influence of face age and valence on gaze following. Psychology and Aging, 29(3), 491–502.

Phillips, L. H., Bull, R., Allen, R., Insch, P., Burr, K., & Ogg, W. (2011). Lifespan aging and belief reasoning: Influences of executive function and social cue decoding. Cognition, 120(2), 236–247.

Slessor, G., Laird, G., Phillips, L. H., Bull, R., & Filippou, D. (2010). Age-related differences in gaze following: Does the age of the face matter? Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 65 B(5), 536–541.

Slessor, G., Phillips, L. H., & Bull, R. (2008). Age-related declines in basic social perception: Evidence from tasks assessing eye-gaze processing. Psychology and Aging, 23(4), 812–822.

Slessor, G., Venturini, C., Bonny, E. J., Insch, P. M., Rokaszewicz, A., & Finnerty, A. N. (2016). Specificity of age-related differences in eye-gaze following: Evidence from social and nonsocial stimuli. Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 71(1), 11–22.

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